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Custom 12" Pickle Party Platter

Custom 12" Pickle Party Platter

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Our pickle platters include 5 pickle varieties of your choice and 1 stuffed olive or pickled veggie. They are 12" round platters that are the PERFECT addition to your party, holiday, work function, football game, picnic, or midnight snack.

Platters must be ordered 24 hours in advance for pickup during our business hours at 6 Union St. Montgomery, NY. Choose from the following:

5 of these:

Garlic Kosher Dill Chips, Sweet Bread & Butter Chips, Sweet & Spicy Chips, Sweet Horseradish Chips, Hot & Spicy Chips, Full Sour Wholes, Half Sour Wholes.

1 of these for the center:

Bleu cheese stuffed olives, jalapeno stuffed olives, garlic stuffed olives, gherkin stuffed olives, lemon stuffed olives, spicy pickled carrots, pickled beets, pickled green beans, pickled garlic, pickled okra, pickled jalapenos.